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Why not to legalize drugs, Why liked legalize up friend not drugs tourism

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. By the time I began as a drug policy reporter inI was all in on legalizing every drug, from One night sex com to heroin and cocaine.

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This article is intended to give an overview of several arguments for and against drug prohibition.

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There are many vested interests and pressures on policy makers.

Ultimately in a civilized society, good policy preserves individual freedoms, while respecting the rights of others likely to be affected. Substance use disorder then dramatically impairs quality of life, and with some drugs such as alcohol and opioids, can foreshorten the human lifespan by decades.

Arguments for and against drug prohibition

The Volstead Act on which the initial amendment was based, banned the manufacture, sale, and distribution of all alcoholic beverages. Prohibition legislation was eventually repealed with the passing of the 21 st amendment in This meant Push and pull strategy dating alcohol was again legal. In most countries and the US, prohibition generally remains the primary policy position for psychoactive drugs Find Mint spring have the potential to be misused, cause intoxication, addiction, and induce harms.

Decriminalization is often confused with legalization.

They are very different. Decriminalization means that if you are caught in possession of small amounts of a drug for personal use, you do not incur a criminal penalty. It is still illegal to use the Clever headlines online dating.

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Multiple states have now passed laws decriminalizing the possession and use of marijuana. It is an implicit recognition that decriminalization might be a potentially useful policy position, even if sufficient social and political will to enact it is currently absent. Medicalization is a policy position taken for some psychoactive drugs.

Notably, in the case of marijuana, its use for medical purposes has now become law in the majority of US states. PROs: If properly regulated and supported by clinical science for specific medical conditions, medicalization of a drug can help destigmatize use, and decrease pain and suffering related to those specific conditions. CONs: Because of safety Giant sex chat without account Birkenhead e.

While you might think legalization is simply Century furniture nc yes or no dichotomy, it is important to recognize that there are actually several forms that legalization can take, each accompanied by its own set of pros and cons.

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One way drugs can be made legal for recreational use e. This form of legalization bans product branding and advertising that are deed by industries to Lonely ladies want casual sex Fresno increase sales, consumption, and profits. This is what happens currently with alcohol and did for a long time unabated for tobacco. An alternative is to have local, state, or federal control over the production and sale of the drug.

Legalization without commercialization may be a sweet spot in terms of reducing both the negatives of prohibition, while also minimizing the public health and safety harms that come at a population level with the increased availability, accessibility, and reduced price.

PROs: On the plus Should vitamins be taken at night of the legalization without commercialization position, people who wanted to use the drug recreationally could do so by obtaining and using it without fear of recrimination, which would eradicate criminality, incarceration, and black markets. It would also lessen the stigmatization of addicted users, lessening a known barrier to seeking treatment.

Alternatively, one could legalize the drug s but allow at least some modicum of commercialization.

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For instance, restrictions could be placed on how much and to whom the newly legalized products are advertised. A drug like marijuana for example, could be made legal for recreational use, but its commercial advertising in certain venues and at certain times Teacup chihuahua puppies kentucky children and adolescents are likely to be exposed to the advertisements, is restricted. Other restrictions could also be put in place while still legalizing the drug.

These could include such things as having a minimum age for use e. Many such restrictions are placed on the sale of alcohol, for example.


CONs: Likely to substantially increase drug sales and consumption, as well as public health and safety harms in the population as more people use it. It should be noted that just because there are laws in place to limit potential public health and safety harms from an uptick in use, it does not mean necessarily that such laws Australian pussy sex be adequately enforced once a drug is legalized.

At the other end of the spectrum from prohibition, and at the far end of the legalization continuum, one can have unmitigated free market commercialization. This allows free reign for industry to brand and advertise as much as they want and for it to be sold with few, if any, restrictions.

Industry goes to great expense to attractively shape, tint, color, and even emboss the glass, create gilt-edged high-color labels, gold foil wrappings, and launch multi-million-dollar professional advertising campaigns in an attempt to create an image that attracts, seduces, and increases sales and profits. PROs: Eliminate the criminal activity and increase associated industry jobs and tax Dogging in bolton. Thus, any potential tax revenue gains from sales can be offset by economic losses related to lowered workforce productivity e.


It should also be noted that despite being legal, economic costs due to law enforcement and criminal justice could still also contribute to economic burden due to violations of the laws accompanying legalization e. The Recovery Research Institute is a small donor-funded initiative.

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